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Grant me the privilege

to change your mind

in order to change the world.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hey there! I've never been one for the hard sell; instead, I believe in the power of genuine connection. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm a native Copywriter, and my passion is fuelled by an insatiable curiosity that keeps my creative gears turning nonstop. I've dedicated over ten years of my life to the art of advertising and digital marketing.

In my role as a Creative Director, my mission is clear: I take mundane lines and transform them into compelling copy. I craft interfaces that do more than function - they engage and connect on a human level. With a rich background spanning over decades, I've honed my skills both in the public sector and the dynamic world of marketing. What drives me is the relentless pursuit of understanding the 'why' and the intricate tapestry of consumer psychology.

My unique talent lies in discovering the heart of a brand and infusing it with relatability. I'm a researcher, a gentle influencer, and a passionate creator all rolled into one. I invite you to join me in reshaping perspectives and, together, making a positive impact on our world.


Centrilogic's rebranded website
Unilever Customer Success Story Video


As a Designer, I deeply appreciate the profound impact of meticulously art-directed campaigns and media. Design, as a visual language, not only communicates a brand's message but also forges a meaningful connection with its audience. It transcends mere communication, becoming a work of art that engages and captivates, going beyond the sole purpose of customer attraction.


As a Copywriter, my mission is to entice readers to immerse themselves in the product, service, and brand. I craft engaging narratives through copy, endeavouring to present them as timeless truths reborn in fresh, captivating forms. For me, writing is all about the art of rewriting, sculpting words into persuasive, alluring stories. 


I prioritize a balanced strategy, avoiding extremes of rigidity and excessive flexibility. It's not just about creative problem-solving; it's about discovering the human truth behind the brand, studying competitors, daringly embracing differentiation, meticulously analyzing briefs with data, and actively engaging with customers for lasting relevance.


UX/UI Design

Solly's Easter Egg Hunt

Solace's initiative was shortlisted as a finalist in the Best DevRel Initiative category at this year's DevRel Awards. This endeavour was not only creative and impactful but also spurred the design of a dedicated website, centred around the Easter Egg Hunt challenge.

The website provided developers with a seamless and enjoyable experience, enhancing community engagement and developer relations through an interactive and memorable platform.

EDA Summit 2023

Spearheaded the complete redesign of the virtual platform hosting EDA Summit 2023, the foremost event in the realm of event-driven architecture. This involved orchestrating a holistic visual and user experience overhaul to elevate the virtual conference's appeal and functionality. With 15,000 registrations, 230+ sessions, and a remarkable 38,000 on-demand views worldwide, the design was instrumental in creating an immersive and engaging digital environment for all attendees.

Solace's Connected Buses Demo

Revamped the demo's UI to align with Solace's brand colours, creating a coherent and consistent brand identity while showcasing bidirectional IoT communication, MQTT advanced filtering and routing, and integrated geo-filtering features.


The redesign not only enhanced visual appeal and user experience, but also reinforced brand recognition, making it more intuitive and engaging for our audience.

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